10 Incredibly Useful SEO Tips for New Website

10. Use Google Analytics and Search Console

After all, you need to know the result of your SEO practices on the website which is possible through the Google Analytics and Search Console.

Here is the detailed information about both of these tools:

Google Analytics: This is an innovative tool by Google for knowing the traffic and its behaviors. Whether you can want to know the monthly traffic or the source of the traffic, this tool is helpful.

You need to connect the Analytics with your site with the placement of the code in your website that is provided by Google’s tool.

Once you place, it would s، s،wing the ،ytics of your website including the following facts:

  • Real-time active users
  • Monthly traffic and percentage of increment or decrement
  • Impressions of the users on your site
  • Bounce rate
  • Average Session rate
  • Location of traffic
  • Source of traffic

This way, you can make changes accordingly by looking at the statistics of your website to make some betterment in your SEO of the website.

Google Search Console:

This is another innovation by Google which helps you to know what things are better and whatnot.

For example, it would tell each page’s performance including the top keywords pages as well as top pages that are getting more traffic.

The search engine s،ws the backlinks of your site as well as the position for each of the keywords in which you are ranking.

You can disown any of the backlinks that you have received from other websites in case of poor or low-quality links.

The search console can also help to know any threat of hacking or malware for your site by indicating you.

Different issues like errors, loading time, problems usually faced by the users, and many of the factors can be noted from this tool.

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